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The (International) Noise Conspiracy

The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Background information
Origin Umeå, Sweden
Genres Indie rock, garage rock, post-punk
Years active 1998–2009
Labels G7 Welcoming Committee, Burning Heart, Your Choice, American Recordings
Associated acts AC4, Doughnuts, Lost Patrol Band, 93 Million Miles, Female Anchor of Sade, Invasionen, Knugen Faller, Refused, Saidiwas, Separation
Past members Dennis Lyxzén
Inge Johansson
Lars Strömberg
Ludwig Dahlberg
Sara Almgren

The (International) Noise Conspiracy (abbreviated T(I)NC) were a Refused. The (I)nc takes pride in blending the roots of at least four other bands, including Totalt Jävla Mörker (Johansson), Separation (Strömberg), Saidiwas (Dahlberg and Almgren), and Doughnuts (Almgren). Since 2007, Inge Johansson also plays in the band The Most.

Influenced by a quote from 1960's folk singer Phil Ochs, according to lead singer Lyxzén, the band wanted to achieve an ideal blend of music and politics that was, "a cross between Elvis Presley and Che Guevara." Furthermore, according to the liner notes of their debut album, The First Conspiracy, the band wanted to combat music's function as Spectacle. This is a concept taken from Guy Debord's work The Society of the Spectacle.


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First recordings

In 1999 the band recorded their debut The First Conspiracy with G7 Welcoming Committee Records. Although hardly a commercial success, the album led to the band's recognition by the punk label Burning Heart Records (though the same label already had released records of some of the band members' older bands), and in 2000 they released the album Survival Sickness. Considered one of the finest examples of situationist-influenced punk rock, Survival Sickness saw the band pushing their revolutionary ideology with scathing lyrics and an infectious rhythm. Many of the lyrics are taken directly from the writings of members of the Situationist International especially Raoul Vaneigem's The Revolution of Everyday Life.

By 2001, the band had re-entered the Burning Heart studio to record their next album, A New Morning, Changing Weather. Taking advantage of Almgren’s organ playing, The (International) Noise Conspiracy produced a record far beyond the realm of most punk groups. Using organs, horns, keys, etc., the band began to establish a reputation for eclectic instrumentation, which they would continue to cultivate.


On tour in Heidelberg, Germany

The band's first tour outside Sweden, their homeland, went to China. They played their songs in illegal and hidden rock clubs while the Chinese police waited outside with guns and nightsticks. They also toured with My Chemical Romance in the United States. The band's lead singer describes their music as like The Hives with added politics, as The (International) Noise Conspiracy have a strong Situationist agenda in some of their work, such as 'Capitalism Stole My Virginity'.

Later recordings

Between 2002 and 2003, the Up For Sale EP (Sympathy for the Record Industry) and Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP (2003, Burning Heart/Epitaph Records) were recorded and the 16 March 2002 show in Bremen, Germany recorded and released by Tobby Holzinger (Your Choice Records) as Your Choice Live Series Vol.25.

In 2004 The (International) Noise Conspiracy teamed up with famed producer Billy Preston and Benmont Tench also temporarily joined the lineup, as Sara Almgren left the band in order to play for the Swedish punk band, The Vicious (later Masshysteri). Rick Rubin signed the band on to his label American Recordings. In the end, the band released Armed Love in 2004. The inlay of the album pays tribute to the slogan: "¡O Bailan todos, o no baila nadie!" as written by Tupamaros. The saying translates to: "Either Everyone Dances, or No One Dances!" According to The (International) Noise Conspiracy, they try to define their idea and music with this phrase.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy continues to play and tour to this day, constantly pushing a far-left wing stance towards autonomous Marxism.

In 2006 the (International) Noise Conspiracy contributed a cover of "Shut Up" to The Monks tribute album Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to The Monks, which was released in October.

In 2007 the band completed recording of their new album and are currently mixing and mastering, the album should be released by years end. The band has been fairly quiet during the process of making the album so it is unsure when the exact release date will be.

In an interview for on 28 August, the band said they were planning on naming their new album "The Cross Of My Calling" and it would contain "mystical" lyrics with a more soulful sound, which will make its release on 17 November 2008, in Europe, and 25 November, in America. The fourteen track album was recorded with producer Rick Rubin[1] through Burning Heart, American and Vagrant Records.


Current members
Former members
  • Sara Almgren — organ (1998-2004)


t(i)nc in Vancouver, 2005

Studio albums

Live albums

EPs and Singles



  • "Smash It Up"
  • "The Reproduction of Death"
  • "Capitalism Stole My Virginity"
  • "Up For Sale"
  • "Black Mask"
  • "A Small Demand"

See also


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